A Creative Space

Having a little creative space of your own is really important for everyone to incorporate into their lives in some way, shape or form.  I have a few creative spaces, one being my studio where I make my products, but I have another little spot where I have tended to gather some herbs and flowers, mortars and pestles, candles, artwork, some favorite figurines and other little knick-knacks.  It’s become a little family of odds and ends that I love and I don’t think there is room to fit much more on the cabinet where they are living. 

I started using the tabletop of an old cabinet as a place to dry my herbs and flowers and the space developed into a gathering place of different things I have collected over the years that are near and dear to my heart.  As there isn’t space on the cabinet to fit much more, this little grouping of items will keep on evolving probably with each season.  I just hung a string above to dry some lavender since the lavender is blooming.  It’s very homemade looking, but it works and that’s the beauty of it.  It’s all about making a space that feels good in your heart, that is beautiful to you, that is functional, and that stimulates your creative energies.  That’s my philosophy.