Bath Crystals

Bath crystals (salts) are fun and simple to make. Creating them requires minimal ingredients and time. The base ingredient is the salt itself to which you can add other things such as dried flowers/herbs, oatmeal, milk powders, and essential oils. I think the key to making soothing bath salts is the kind of salt that you use. There are so many different varieties of salt, such as sea salt (my favorite), Himalayan salt, Hawaiian salt, Dead Sea salt, and Kosher salt. There are other products that are called salts, but aren’t actually salt, such as Epsom salt, which is a mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. It’s good to use in bath salts, but it’s not actually a salt.

I enjoy using sea salt most as it is relatively inexpensive, at least compared to many of the other salts, and it contains many of the minerals that are found in sea water that are so beneficial for the skin. The other salts are good, as well, so it just comes down to your own personal preference. The only kind of salt that I don’t recommend using in bath salts is iodized salt as it contains iodine and is so finely ground…so much so that the skin can absorb some of the salt and could become sensitive to it. Additionally, it is prettier to have more coarse salt in bath salts. That’s what makes them shine! =)

Here is a little recipe that I like to make for myself on the regular:

Homemade Bath Crystals

2 cups sea salt

20 drops essential oil of your choosing

3 tsp coconut milk powder

1 tsp colloidal oatmeal

Optional: 2 tsp dried skin-friendly flowers/herbs (they make kind of a mess once you drain the water out so be sure to clean the tub after)

Once ingredients are combined, please in a glass container with a lid and use in the bath, as desired.