Blueberry Lemon Marmalade

I like to make this recipe right before Autumn begins when the blueberries have come to their peak. This recipe is a nice amalgamation of blueberries and citrus–lemons and oranges. You can substitute the orange for all lemon or keep the oranges in for a more balanced flavor.

Blueberries have wonderful benefits for the skin, which is why I like to make as much use of them as I can. Once the end of September hits, blueberry season is done for the year so this recipe is a great one to make right now. Blueberries are a wonderful fruit for the skin because they help to stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin, which helps to minimize wrinkles and keep the skin toned. Citrus, like lemons and orange, have immune boosting properties and help to eliminate toxins from the body, including the skin.

The recipe that I like to make is from Bobby Flay. Here is the link: