Botanical Book Recommendations

One of my favorite past-times is finding unique books about plants and flowers.  Here are some of my latest finds:

“Weeds and Wildflowers”, which is a compilation of poems by Alice Oswald and botanical etchings by Jessica Greenman.  This book is beautifully bound and filled with lovely poems about some enchanting botanicals.

“In Pursuit of Plants” by Philip Short, which is a collection of stories of plant collectors throughout the 19thand 20thcenturies with details as to the plants that they gathered and observed.  There are some grim parts of the book as it’s historical, but it’s quite insightful to learn how certain plants were observed, described and used in the past.

“Meetings with Remarkable Trees” by Thomas Pakenham is the perfect table book.  It’s paperback, but quite large and full of beautiful photographs of grand trees throughout the world.  It’s incredible to see how large these trees are and how long they have lived.  I have made it a goal to see at least one of the trees in person one day. Maybe you will too!

If you enjoy reading and if you love plants, check out these books to start.  You can find them online.  You could also ask your local library to see if they have any to check out.