Growing A Medicinal Herb Garden Indoors

This summer was my first summer in the last few years where I have not had an outdoor garden. I have just been too busy with work to manage a garden this year. As I live primarily in Las Vegas, due to my attorney work, it is difficult to commute up to Utah every weekend to manage the garden. Sooo this year I opted not to have one in Utah. In Las Vegas, it’s just not feasible to have a garden outdoors. It gets so flaming hot outside during the summers, if you are going to grow anything worth growing, aside from cacti, it needs to be grown indoors.

For the last two years, I have really wanted to start my own medicinal herb garden. I ordered some medicinal herb seeds from a company called Salt Spring Seeds in Salt Spring Island, Canada a couple years ago so I was anxious to get the seeds planted and really curious to see which seeds would grow. I first started the seeds in the spring in seed starter pots that I then transferred to larger terra cotta pots once they sprouted. I planted 10 different varieties of herbs and only 3 herb varieties actually grew to maturity. They are Broad Leaf Plantain (great topical healing herb), Skullcap (great calming herb for teas), and Marshmallow (yes, there is a plant called Marshmallow, which is great herb for teas as it helps to soothe sore throats). These botanicals grew to maturity INDOORS in pots with organic potting soil. I kept the pots in front of a large bay window so they got lots of sun during the day. I watered them about every two days and I gave them plant food every ten days. I didn’t have to worry about the bug problem as they were grown indoors, but I sprayed the plants with organic bug repellant whenever I saw a bug, which was pretty rare in the three months it took for them to reach maturity.

It is interesting to me that those three herb varieties seemed to enjoy being grown indoors the most. The fact that there were no pollinators around didn’t bother these plants too much because they still grew amazingly well and they are still growing, which makes me quite joyful! If you are looking to start your own medicinal herb garden, I recommend you check out Salt Spring Seeds seeds. They offer such a unique herb varieties and they are quality.