Holiday Potpourri

This time of year, I like to make a potpourri and give it out as gifts so they can be enjoyed during Thanksgiving through the New Year.  I generally use ingredients that can be found at the grocery store, but sometimes I like to make a few unique additions.  Here is how you make it:


Oranges (thinly sliced and dried)

Apples (thinly sliced and dried)

Cinnamon Sticks


Star Anise

Dried Rosehips (optional)

Dried Calendula (optional)

Dried grapefruit and lemon (optional)

Dried mint (optional)

Dried cardamom (optional)

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

Clove Essential Oil

Sweet Orange Essential Oil


Mix all the dried ingredients (in the quantities that you desire) in a large bowl.  Add the essential oils.  Place in a covered container overnight so the scents can absorb into the fruit and spices.  The next day, place the potpourri in packaging of your choosing.  I like to place the potpourri in organza sachets for gifting.