Is a Lip Oil or a Lip Balm better?

Recently, I was asked what is better for really chapped lips…a lip oil or a lip balm?  I have to say they both are equally important to maintaining a healthy and moisturized pout.  Lip balm contains beeswax and oftentimes butters, which are really beneficial to protecting the skin and locking in moisture.  However, because lip oil does not contain butters or waxes, it can penetrate into the layers of the skin more quickly, which can provide immediate hydration to dry lips.  We have some nourishing products that can operate as lip oils.  Also, we have soothing lip balms, as well.  

Our Healing Flowers Oil and our Island Oils can operate as lip oils since they are comprised of fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants—all very nourishing and hydrating for the skin.  Our Mint Balm and Butter Stick Balmare perfect balms for the lips because they contain the same beneficial nutrients for the skin as mentioned above, but they also contain beeswax and butters, which protect and lock in moisture.

So the method I suggest to maintain soft lips throughout the winter is to apply a few drops of our oil (or any other hydrating lip oil) to the lips and then apply a few swipes of lip balm.  That way, the oil can provide immediate hydration to the lips, while the balm locks all of those nourishing ingredients in.  I suggest reapplying the products a few times a day as needed.