Lavender for Relaxation

I was recently filling some sachets with lavender from last summer’s lavender crop and I started to think more about the important role of our sense of smell in our daily lives and how different scents can have such an impact on our mood.  Lavender is definitely one of my favorite scents. I really like to incorporate lavender into my nighttime routine before bed.  I also like to use it in some of my yoga classes, particularly during Savasana, as it’s aroma lends beautifully to relaxation and stillness.  There are few things more relaxing than laying in Savasana and having a lightly scented lavender mist spritzed over your face and body. It’s truly a God given scent.  

Here is a lavender mist recipe I like to spritz in my yoga classes and also on my pillow before bed.  Lavender is such a versatile flower and it can be used in so many different ways so I encourage you to read more about it and all of its different uses. In the meantime, try this recipe and see if it helps you relax.

Lavender Mist:

1.    Take any small bottle (preferably glass) with a spray top and fill it about 75% full;

2.    Add some drops of lavender essential oil to the water (a little goes a long way);

3.    Give it a spritz and see if it needs to be stronger or diluted with more water;

4.    Sweet Dreams and/or Happy Savasana!