Meditation and the Skin

It’s been quite awhile since I have done a post. Life has been busy, but I’m committed to doing at least one post a week now.  As life has been so hectic, I have been relying on my meditation and yoga practice a lot more to bring balance and grounding to my life. An early morning meditation followed up by some Sun Salutations is, I’m finding, the most balancing and invigorating way to start the day.  I have noticed that the more I make a conscious effort to get centered before I start my day, the more smoothly my day flows and the more clear my complexion becomes.  There have been studies done indicating that meditating helps to slow down the aging process and significantly reduce stress.  When stress hormones are reduced, it allows the nervous system and metabolism to stabilize.  This is important for the skin, because when hormones are imbalanced, the skin is sensitive to acne and other skin irritations.  As meditating helps to calm the body and mind, the natural oil production in the skin increases, which helps to hydrate and protect the skin, and also gives you a nice little glow.  

I do the whole sensory experience when I meditate.  I burn the sage in my abalone shell and use my crystals.  I also like to spray my Lemon & Hyssop Hydrosol on my face and in the room I’m meditating in for an energetic cleanse. I find a comfortable seated position on the floor, close my eyes, and try to be as still as I can in both body and mind.  I generally meditate for about 10 minutes before I progress into three sets of Sun Salutations.  Then I’m ready to start the day.  If you haven’t tried meditating before, just begin within about 3-5 minutes of quiet time in a peaceful part of your home or office where you can experience some stillness. Then begin to notice how your skin changes and how your body and mind feel.  Some mindful meditation is your assignment this week.  Until next week, Namaste.