Memories In The Garden

When I was growing up, I remember my grandma had an embroidered quote hanging on her wall that said, “You are closest to God in a garden.” I’ve never forgotten this quote and it has always resonated with me. She was a total testament of it. I saw her so peaceful and happy working in her own garden, in which she grew fruits, vegetables and flowers. She and my grandpa would work together in the garden and during the summer the grandkids would also help out. Once fall came, that’s when grandma started to can everything she grew to preserve the summer harvest throughout the year. Working in the garden with her was such a bonding and unifying experience for us all, and it was so rewarding. It wasn’t until I reached my late twenties where I began to truly appreciate the sustainable lifestyle that my grandma lived and was such an example of.  I began to miss the feeling that I remembered of pulling a carrot from the ground that I had watched my grandma grow from seed. That desire to become more sustainable myself definitely grew stronger from these memories.

This summer, I’ll be growing my own garden in my grandma’s old garden plot. Since the growing season is shorter in Southern Utah, there are limitations on the types of fruits and vegetables that can be successfully grown, but it will be pretty similar to what my grandma grew…lavender, tomatoes, carrots, beets, grapes, raspberries, corn, etc. I’m gathering the seeds and look forward to planting them. I think that by watching the seedlings transform into plants you develop a greater appreciation for the plant itself. I’m really looking forward to watching this process. Also, undoubtedly, everything always tastes better when you know the hard work and love that is put into growing it.