Mother Earth as Teacher

I was recently thinking about how the sun and the rain and how symbolic it is to the way we live our lives. Where bright sunshine in the sky and some added warmth to the air can influence our mood in positive ways, a windy or stormy day can make us more introspective and indoors bound.  The sun can definitely have a miraculously positive impact on how we see life and are feeling.  It shows how important the sunshine is to ourselves as humans as part of life and nature. Sunshine is integral to the growth of life and calls us to bask in its glow.  Of course, the rain is important as well to nature and works with the sun to provide life with that needed balance of wet and dry.  Sunshine calls us to be outside and partake in activities that make us happy and the rain calls us to shelter ourselves while the rain hydrates the earth.  

We should care for ourselves as life cares for earth. The sunshine providing earth with its warmth, further energizing all living organisms, and the rain and wind cleansing the earth and at the same time hydrating it allowing more to grow within it.  We can look at ourselves as each a separate earth where we get energy from things, such as the sun, that stimulate our minds and bodies enhancing our own physical and personal growth, which are balanced with things, like the rain, that cleanse and rejuvenate us.  In this way, we can look to Mother Earth as a teacher as to how to keep our lives balanced—energizing ourselves while at the same time taking time to heal and cleanse ourselves.  I think that the closer we live to nature, the more harmonized we will be with nature. Don’t you?