New Product Coming Soon

A new Misha Jo Naturals product is coming in the next month.  I will give you a hint…it is going to be a hydrosol, which is another name for a a botanically infused water meant for topical use on the face and body.  Hydrosols have been used throughout history for their skincare benefits.  They are less concentrated than essential oils, but they can be just as powerful. To create the hydrosol, I steam distill the plant material in water for hours at a low temperature, which increases the amount of natural oils extracted from the plant and deepens the fragrance.  In addition to application on the face and body, this product will be great to spray in living spaces, as well, for an energetic boost and cleanse.  This new product has a really unique combination of two of my favorite botanicals to work with and I am excited to share it with you within the next month. I’ll fully introduce it to the website then.  Stay tuned and thank you for your patience to those who have been waiting for it. Your support and interest is much appreciated. =)