Our Misha Jo Naturals Products + Mission

We have six USDA Organic products out at the moment and more are coming in the new year.  We have two soothing and refreshing hydrosols, two nourishing balms, a hydrating cleanser and moisturizer, and a healing oil for face and body.  Each product has been formulated by me with a lot of thought and sensitivity towards the natural ingredients within them and the benefits they can have on your skin.  

There are no synthetics in our products.  Each product contains the most natural of organic ingredients and we will always be committed to that principle.  Our products are made simply, by hand and are created to emphasize your unique, authentic beauty.  It’s about maintaining your natural beauty, not trying to change it or cover it up.

So many skincare companies out there encourage people to use their products to dramatically change something about their face or their skin.  I believe this emphasis is wrong.  Our position is that in order to achieve healthy skin, you need to maintain healthy, organic living practices, and a proper skincare routine.  It’s not about perfection because NO ONE IS PERFECT, but it’s just about doing your best to maintain yourself so you can feel good and be healthy on the inside and outside.

In addition to selling our handmade, organic skincare products on this website, we will also do our best to regularly post in this Journal about organic living practices to maintain a healthy lifestyle and skincare routine.  Proper skincare and healthy living go hand in hand.