Pigeon Pose for Healthy Skin

A main key to having healthy, glowing skin is to keep your anxiety and stress levels regulated in your body and mind.  Pigeon pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) is one of the yoga poses that I rely on to release stress, tension, and anxiety from my body.  For me, I generally hold my tension in my hips and I think most people do, as well, since it’s a natural response to regularly tighten up in that area when you are busy, and going going going.  When you are active, busy and always moving, that part of your body naturally grips up.  Practicing Pigeon Pose will help to relax and open up this area.  

Generally, I tend to practice Pigeon in the evenings after work and right before bed.  Yes, this pose primarily concentrates on opening up the inner thighs and outer hips and gluteal muscles, but it also is a great chest opener, if you choose to keep your chest up while holding the pose.  Opening the chest while practicing Pigeon, will lend to a more relaxed, open and confident feeling.  An open chest allows a nice full breath, which is essential to maintaining a healthy body and calm mind.  A healthy body and calm mind = a glowing, balanced complexion.

Although I’m a certified yoga teacher, I will forever be a student of yoga.  There is always so much to learn.  I have a favorite yoga instructor named Esther Ekhart.  She has great yoga classes online at www.EkhartYoga.com.  For her step by step guide regarding the proper practice of Pigeon Pose, visit this page.

Happy Practicing!