Rose Petal Jam

I first learned about rose petal jam when I was ten years old.  I got a book about edible flowers and saw a recipe for it, but I didn’t attempt to make it until years later.  There are lots of rose petal jam recipes out there, but after going through all the recipes I’ve tried, I’ve found that my favorite is from the blog called Feasting at Home.  I really like their recipe called “Wild Rose Petal Jam” because it is simple, and the addition of the lemon juice helps to retain the vibrant color of the rose petals in the jam. I also enjoy this recipe because it brings out the surprisingly fruity flavor of the rose petals.  

Whatever recipe you choose, making rose petal jam is a fun, and unique way to bring the beauty of the garden into your kitchen.  Just make sure that the rose petals you use are organic, clean and pesticide free. To check out the recipe click here.