Sage and Smudging

Sage is one of the most purifying of the herbs.  Burning herbs, like sage, is called smudging and the smoke is believed to help enhance emotional and mental clarity, remove negative energy and to overall cleanse persons, spaces and objects.

Smudging has been done by the Native Americans since the ancient times.  They, in particular, believe that the smoke that emanates from the burning sage helps people achieve an enhanced state of mind, aiding in the cleansing/healing process.  There are many different sage varieties and all are known to be cleansing. White sage is typically the most popular type of sage to use in purification rituals.

The best way to burn sage is when it has dried for a couple of weeks after being picking.  When sage is dry, its natural properties are intensified, creating a deeper, stronger scent when burnt.  Always burn sage in a well-fumigated area. When you light the sage let it catch the flame for a few seconds then blow it out.  Then walk around with the burning sage to the areas where your intuition guides you—concentrating on areas that lead to other spaces, such as windows, doors and hallways. Additionally, it is important to focus on areas where energy may be trapped, such as corners.

Sage has a very distinct, unique smell so burning a sweet smelling incense after saging is a good way to balance out the aromas.  I have found in my own experience that burning sage on a weekly basis will help lighten the energy in your living areas and will bring added peace and calm.  It is a great way to bring in new, positive energy so that you can start at a clean, energetic slate at the beginning of each week.