Lavender Hydrosol



Our Lavender Hydrosol is pure botanical water.  To create this hydrosol, we steam distill organic lavender buds in water over a series of hours.  The end result is a calming aromatic mist for the face, body and living spaces.

During the mid-summer months in Utah, the lavender is blooming and its fragrance is at its finest.  The earliest memories I have of this sweet flower are from visiting my grandmother’s home in Utah during the summer.  She loved lavender and planted lavender bushes throughout her yard.  When I would visit, I remember picking off the little purple lavender buds from the bushes and rubbing them between my fingers to release their distinctive calming fragrance.  In this Hydrosol, I wanted to capture that same sweet lavender essence that I developed such fond memories of when I was young.  I also wanted to capture the other scents of the lavender plant that are so often lost in most lavender-based products.

This Lavender Hydrosol contains plant compounds from the lavender buds that may not be present in many lavender essential oils.  As such, the aroma differs from that of a lavender essential oil.  Also, as the lavender buds are steam distilled in water to release the water-soluble compounds of the lavender buds, the fragrance is more mild and gentle than a lavender essential oil.  The antiseptic and soothing qualities of the botanical elements within this Hydrosol make it a useful skincare staple.

This product can be sprayed directly onto the skin as a refreshing and relaxing toner.  It can also be sprayed on linens, pillows and in the air for a subtle, calming sensation.  The scent is fleeting though so it is most favorable to spray on the face and body for that lovely hit of lavender.


How to use our Hydrosols:

To hydrate the skin:  Spritz 4-5 pumps of Hydrosol onto the skin and press gently into the skin with clean hands.  You can follow it up with any protective, organic moisturizer of your choosing.

Our Hydrosols can be used any time of day to refresh and tone the skin.  A spritz or two can even provide a healthy glow to your makeup.



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Organic Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Hydrosol*

*Certified Organic Ingredient