Skincare Benefits of Spending Time in the Sea

Spending time in salt water can have some amazing benefits for your skin.  Such benefits include reducing inflammation, opening up your pores and fighting off bacteria on the skin.  Salt water contains potassium, magnesium and calcium, which all are great minerals to help assist in skin healing and skin cell regeneration.  

What I enjoy most about spending time in sea water, is the skin exfoliating benefits I notice from it.  The sea salt mixed with the coarseness of beach sand make a great combination for skin exfoliation.  After spending time in the ocean, my skin feels clearer and more cleansed.  The removal of dead skin cells from the combination of sea salt and sand definitely lends to this glow.  

If you don’t have time to get to the beach, you can always recreate spending time in the sea by incorporating sea salt into your bathtub.  You could also exfoliate your skin by mixing your favorite carrier oil with finely ground sea salt.  Of course, these recreations aren’t exactly as relaxing as actually spending time in the ocean.  

With summer coming, I hope that you can make it to the beach.  Your skin with thank you =)