Spring is in the air

Although October is my favorite month, spring is my favorite season. In spring, our sense of smell begins to heighten and our bodies begin to reawaken from the dull winter months. Spring is a time for getting outside, planning a garden and possibly shedding a few pounds.  It’s definitely a season of new beginnings.  I recently ordered some seeds from a wonderful supplier in British Columbia.  I am planning to grow a medicinal herb garden with twenty different varieties of herbs and flowers.  I’ve never grown a garden of that size, but there is a first for everything so I’m looking forward to this earthy adventure.  Some of the herbs and flowers I plan to grow can be used topically, but many of them can also be used in herbal teas.  So I’m looking forward to experimenting with formulating some new herbal tea recipes.  What plans do you have for the spring?  Maybe consider planting your own garden.  It’s a fun and fulfilling way to connect with Mother Nature.  It definitely takes some work to keep a garden maintained, but it is totally worth it.  I will keep y’all posted on how my planting is going in a month or two. xo