With the warm weather here, its time to get your summer skincare regimens in order.  We have quite a few products out that are great for keeping your skin toned and hydrated during the summer months.  

My skincare routine varies depending on what time of year it is.  In the winter, I use more heavy, moisturizing products that are rich and protect against the elements, like the wind and cold.  In the summer, I use lighter, cooling products that soothe and hydrate the skin.  

I think the number one most important product that you can use on your skin any time of year is a good sunscreen.  So many moisturizers out now have sunscreen in them so you generally don’t have to use one separately from your moisturizer (if it has spf in it), unless you want a higher spf.  I notice that a lot of moisturizers on the market today have an spf of about 15-30.  

We don’t have any products with spf in them at the moment, but I hope to get one out in the near future.

So this is the regimen that I like to follow during the summer months:

Morning Skincare Regimen

1.    Cleanse:  I use our Island Oils to cleanse my face in the mornings.  I find that when you massage a natural oil onto your skin, it more easily dissolves the oil that is already on your skin and in your pores.  I notice my face feels cleaner when I cleanse with an oil.  Our Island Oils makes a great oil based cleanser because it contains macadamia nut oil, coconut oil and tamanu oil.  Each of these ingredients not only has moisturizing properties, but they also are wonderful for purifying the skin and cleaning out the pores.

  • First, I wet my face with a warm, damp washcloth.  When you use a warm washcloth/warm water, this helps to open up the pores.  
  • Second, I scoop out a dollop of our Island Oils, rub it between my hands and slather across my face and neck. Applying these natural oils to the skin helps to remove the dirty oils that are in the pores.  Also, I find they work well for removing makeup from the eyelids and under eyes.
  • Third, I let the Island Oils sit on my face for about 4-5 minutes while I brush my teeth.
  • Fourth, I use a clean, warm washcloth to remove the Island Oils from my face and use warm water to remove any excess.

2.    Tone/Hydrate:  After cleansing my skin, I like to hydrate and tone my skin with either our Lemon & Hyssop Hydrosol or our Spearmint & Aloe Vera Leaf Hydrosol.  I LOVE hydrosols because they are so purely natural and they are so gentle on the skin.  I create our hydrosols by using a steam distillation process and they are the purest of the pure.  They are essentially comprised of distilled water, and the natural oils from the botanicals that are released during the steam distillation process.  Applying the hydrosols to the skin is important during summer because they help to re-hydrate the skin after cleansing.  Each of our hydrosols have their own unique properties, but both are equally beneficial for the skin.  Lemon and hyssop have both brightening and cleansing benefits for the skin while spearmint and aloe vera leaf have anti-inflammatory and soothing skincare properties.  Each hydrosol is aromatically stimulating and a spritz of either one on the face and body in the morning should help get your day going a little easier.

3.    Moisturize/Protect:  I like to moisturize with Cerave AM moisturizer with SPF 30.  Sometimes, I incorporate this with our Healing Flowers Oil, if my skin is feeling a bit dry. One of the primary ingredients in our Healing Flowers Oil is rosehip oil, which is believed to help protect skin from photodamage and to help with collagen production.  

4.    Makeup Application.

5.    Set Makeup:  To set my makeup, I use one of our hydrosols.  They are all natural, pure, and will leave your skin feeling dewy and refreshed.

6.    Apply lip balm:  I never wear lipstick so applying lip balm is always the last step to my morning skincare routine.  I use either our Mint Balm for Lips with Nourishing Oils, if I’m feeling in a minty mood.  If I’m feeling like something more sweet, I use our Butter Stick Balm for Chapped Skin & Lips, which contains yummy vanilla.

Nighttime Skincare Regimen

1.    Cleanse:  Just like in the morning, I cleanse my face and neck with our Island Oils.  It also works great as a makeup remover.

2.    Face Yoga/Facial Massage/Gua Sha:  So I like to exercise my face before I go to sleep.  It helps to relieve tension and relaxes my facial muscles before bed.  I have a book on face yoga that I have been reading so there are a variety of facial yogic techniques to practice that are worth researching, if interested.  Also, I recently did a post on Gua Sha, which is an ancient Chinese skincare technique.  Gua Sha can be quite intense on the skin though, if not done properly, so it is worth doing some research on before trying that.

3.    Moisturize:  I generally moisturize my face and body before bed with either our Healing Flowers Oil or our Island Oils.  Yes, Island Oils can be used as a moisturizer, as well, due to the healing benefits of its ingredients—macadamia nut oil, tamanu oil, and coconut oil. A little goes a long way. 

I use our Healing Flowers Oil before bed on my face, hands and feet a few times per week.  Blue chamomile is a primary ingredient in this product.  Blue chamomile oil has a high content of azulene, which is what makes it blue.  Azulene has anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties.  This, in addition to the other beneficial ingredients in our Healing Flowers Oil, makes it great to put on before bed so it can actively work to heal your skin while you sleep.

4.    Balm Application:  Generally, at night, I use our Butter Stick Balm for Chapped Skin & Lips.  It’s super soothing on the lips.  I also like to put it under my eyes at night for some added moisture there.  It’s packed with shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter and a variety of oils that soothe and nourish the skin while you sleep.  Also, it contains vanilla, which has anti-inflammatory properties so its great to use, if your skin has been exposed to the elements, such as the sun or wind.

I hope this summer skincare regimen is beneficial as you explore the skincare routine that works best for you.  Misha Jo Naturals products are all USDA Organic and are as pure as you can get so you can feel confident incorporating them into your daily life.