The Benefits Flowers Can Have on Our Lives

Claude Monet once said, “I must have flowers always and always”. The flower was his muse for his greatest works and unsurprisingly so.  Flowers have the power to make our days a little brighter, and a little more beautiful.  They give you a greater appreciation for the beauty of life and nature.  I know that when I have flowers around I feel happier, more productive and more creative.  

No flower is the exact same. Each has its own unique beauty that it displays upon its bloom.  There have been many studies done indicating that patients in hospitals showed greater improvement and a more positive psychological state when they had flowers in their hospital rooms.  Other studies have been done demonstrating that when flowers and plants are in a workplace, workers are more productive, and exhibit greater problem solving skills. When flowers are placed in educational environments, students show greater attention spans, more creative thinking and are generally more positive.  

So flowers not only are appreciated by our pollinators like the bees and hummingbirds, but are also there for our benefit, as well.  My life definitely wouldn’t be as lovely and full without some flowers by my side.