The Power of Meditation

Meditation is such a hot topic nowadays and there are so many definitions of what meditation means.  For one person, it might mean sitting quietly in nature, for another it might mean praying, for another it might mean just relaxing their mind in whichever way they find most comforting.  I happen to like the thought that meditation can be different for everyone.  In fact, I embrace that concept because we all have different days, different experiences, different emotions that we each deal with on a daily basis.  What’s comforting for one, may not be as comforting to another and vice versa. Therefore, from my perspective, meditation is finding a way to get your mind in a relaxed state free from negative thoughts or distractions.  Just allowing yourself to be still, process, and receive your own personal inspirations to achieve balance.

I was first introduced to meditation when I started practicing yoga. Through yoga, I learned that the benefits that meditation can have on the skin are huge.  Stress, anxiety, sadness can cause skin problems, such as acne, in addition to interrupted sleep cycles and poor eating habits, which can lead to further skin problems.  When we don’t properly address our internal feelings and keep them trapped inside, these feelings will begin to exhibit themselves through our bodies, including our complexions.  A moisturizer or facial oil may provide temporary relief to skin issues, but alleviating the stress itself is one of the best ways to care for the skin.

In yoga, there is a practice called pranayama, or breathing exercises to help bring more balance to the body, mind and spirit.  I’ve become such a huge fan of practicing these breathing exercises to alleviate stress and anxiety and since I’ve been practicing them in my five minute morning meditations, I’ve noticed that my skin is blemish free and it has an added suppleness and glow to it.  By bringing awareness to the gentle ebb and flow of my breath during meditation and pranyama, my heart rate begins to slow, my thoughts become more clear, and I feel more present in the moment.  This practice brings added appreciation for each breath I am given on this beautiful earth.  I am more rejuvenated, calm and present for the day ahead. For my skin, this translates into a glowing, healthy complexion.  I encourage everyone to incorporate mindful meditation into their daily schedules because the mind, body and skin will benefit.