Yoga for Glowing Skin

Can doing yoga benefit the skin?  Yes, indeed!  Practicing yoga postures (asanas) can increase blood circulation and lead to a reduction of toxins in the body.  Poses that increase blood flow and oxygen to the face, such as forward bends and inversions, help to provide you with a gentle radiance, due to the increase in blood circulation to that area.  

Doing yoga twists help to stimulate blood flow to the detoxification and digestive organs, which helps your body eliminate toxins.  Twists benefit the skin because toxins manifest themselves in the face typically through inflammation and by practicing twists regularly, it helps to eliminate those toxins from the body, hence leading to a reduction of inflammation in the face.  

In my own personal practice, I have noticed that practicing yin and restorative poses has been most beneficial for my skin because of the relaxing effects they have on my body and mind. Because yin is principled on deep stretching to release tension/emotions stored in the fascia around the muscles and restorative is principled on supported opening of the body, I feel so much more relaxed after I practice, which reduces the amount of stress I may be feeling.  As we all know, the less stress we are feeling, the more our skin will benefit. So try practicing a few poses everyday…try some forward bends/inversions, twists and yin/restorative postures…they will not only benefit you mentally, but physically as well.