Yoga Mudras

I have been wanting to do a yoga post for awhile.  Yoga is so special to me and has really helped to bring a lot of peace and balance into my life.  Mudras are an area of yoga practice that I have been studying and have become a part of my yogic meditation routine.  I recently came across an article written by the Chopra Center entitled “10 Powerful Mudras and How to Use Them”.  It’s a really great article that highlights a variety of mudras and the special purposes behind each.  I chose five of these mudras to write about as I have been utilizing them in my practice for many years.

Basically, mudras are hand gestures that are used to channel the body’s energy flow.  There is the belief that hands hold energetic points related to the elements of earth, water, fire, air and space.  Mudras help to tap into these elements.  Specifically, the thumb is associated with space, the index finger is associated with air, the middle finger is associated with fire, the ring finger is associated with water, and the pinky finger is associated with earth.

  1.  Gyan Mudra–this is one of the most familiar of the mudras.  Your index finger is pressed against your thumb finger in this gesture.  It’s purpose is to help improve concentration and sharpen the memory.  It is a useful gesture to practice when one is seeking knowledge.
  2. Shuni Mudra–this mudra is used to improve intuition.  The middle finger presses against the thumb finger keeping the other fingers straight.  This mudra cleanses the emotions and thoughts.
  3. Prana Mudra–this is my favorite mudra. It activates stagnant energy in the body and puts you more in tune with the energy around you.  For this mudra, you press your ring finger and pinky finger against your thumb and keep your other fingers straight.
  4. Dhyana Mudra–this mudra is used to bring you into a deeper, more peaceful state of mind.  To practice, you bring your hands facing upwards with the back of your right hand resting against your left palm…your thumbs touch representing the masculine and feminine energies.
  5. Ganesha Mudra–this mudra is good to practice to help remove blockages in your life.  It is said to help you gain positivity and courage.  Bring your left hand (palm facing outwards) to grasp your right hand (palm facing inwards) and gently pull.  This pulling motion helps to relieve tension in the body and it also helps to bring your attention to your heart chakra, opening your heart to meditation.

For visuals as to how to practice these mudras, refer to the article linked to above.  xo